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Carving Knives

In our opinion, a carving knife must have particular features:

Made from either carbon or laminated steel, have flat or 'flat-over-hollow' long bevels, have a comfortable grippy handle and have a sheath to protect the edge when not use.

Carving knives from Morakniv of Sweden such as the 106 and the 120 will have a place in every carvers tool roll, regardless of experience and skill. They will normally be the first choice of novice carvers.

If you are ready to upgrade your carving knives to something hand-made then you must look at the knives of Swedish makers Svante Djarv, Hans Karlsson and Kay Embretsen. The Svante Djarv 17x60, Hans Karlsson Carving Knife 75mm and the Kay Embretsen 70mm knives are an exceptional choice
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