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Hultafors Axes

Hultafors is a major international brand originating in Sweden. They make not only tools for woodworking but most other trades.

Hultafors Axes come from a dedicated axe forge that is one of Sweden’s oldest. 

There are two basic axe ranges; the PREMIUM range with a 50 year forging warranty and the AGDOR range with a 20 year warranty.

The PREMIUM range of axes lack for nothing. The brut de forge finish of the head is ground and sharpened ready for work and every axe comes with a grain leather sheath.

The AGDOR range of axes, whilst typically of simpler design, are no less effective. They come ground but will require sharpening and honing prior to use. They come without a sheath as standard but are available as an option.

Regardless of which range you choose, all Hultafors axes are hand forged and if looked after, will last a lifetime.

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