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This section is mainly about augers, auger bits that are suited to working with greenwood.

In our own work and on courses, the go to auger for drilling holes is the Auger Bits Lewis Pattern. These augers are perfect for pulling themselves self into green wood with a fine lead screw, with either a hand brace or high torque power drill. 

However, a few years ago, we discovered that in some situations Forstner Bits perform exceptionally well, especially where a hole is not too deep or where angles are 90 degrees or there abouts.

Then there are long, hand-turned 'barrel-eyed' augers or 'T-bar' augers.  We were so pleased to find German makers Famag make these in a range of very useful sizes. Famag call them Lewis Pattern SCREW AUGERS.   These don't automatically come with a removeable wooden handle which is fine, because if you have several of these augers you can simply use one handle for them all. For a handle you can either select a Woodsmith turned handle or make your own.
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