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I’d just like to say thank you to Maurice for getting the Wetterlings hatchet to me so quickly, the new sheath that was made is gorgeous and the hatchet is absolutely beautiful, so much so I’ve just finished with a stack of kindling and it cuts like a dream!

Thanks again, I didn’t know where to write a review so I thought I would just email you guys directly. Definitely, a pleased customer and I won’t hesitate to order from you again.


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We’ve just taken delivery of new stock from renowned Swedish knife maker @kayembretsen 

Spoon Knife No. 3 in both left and right - made from beautiful Masur Birch. Kay’s famous Chip Carving knife (the best we’ve used) plus carving knives in all lengths and their corresponding blade only compatriots! All up and available at 

Spoons in the first picture are of course from the Slöjd master Jögge Sundqvist @surolle ; who worked in collaboration with Kay in the design of his chip carving blade. 

#slöjd #woodcarving #spooncarving #spoonknife #woodsmith
A former participant on a bowl carving course I taught (many years ago!) got in touch today asking for some advice on bowl carving gouges, and in the email they attached these photos. I’d guess it was at an early Woodland Pioneers, give or take 15 or so years ago (at least!)

Though teaching (sadly) makes up less of my work these days than it used to - it’s still my main passion, and one of the main reasons I pursued my career as a Green Woodworker, promoting and sharing the joy of traditional craft. While not bowl carving this time, I’ll be leading a shavehorse building course at this year’s Weekend in the Woods. Interested? Check out @coppicenw for more details and information on tickets.

Hope to see you there 🍃

#woodsmith #bowlcarving #greenwoodworking
We had a fantastic day yesterday in Ashington Community Woods as we entered our first hedge laying competition.

We had 5.5 hours to lay a 7-yard hedge in the Northumberland style.

No chainsaws were allowed in the novice class, so it was hand tools only. We were well-equipped with our Silky Gomtaro saw, three axes, loppers, and, of course, a full range of billhooks, including a slasher, Yorkshire, and a couple of Newtowns. The standout was the Ray Iles, which had an excellent weight for hedge laying and kept a great edge all day.

Securing 3rd in the novice competition on our first hedge was a proud moment! Though our pleaching could have been tidier, and a stake (or three) was eventually required to keep the hedge secure (which isn’t generally used in the Northumberland style), it was an invaluable (and fun!) experience. Can’t wait to do it again!

A huge thanks to Dennis Turner, David Boyson, and Friends of Ashington Community Woods for organising the event.

#hedgelaying #billhook #coppice #woodsmith
We spent a lovely day coppicing hazel last weekend with the North East APT group at @sylvanskills hazel plot 🌿

Excitingly, we also had the opportunity to test drive the final prototype of this Newtown Pattern billhook - a tool we’ve spent a good part of the last year co-developing with UK toolmaker, Ray Iles. It boasts excellent balance and weight, and its long, gently convex equal bevels, combined with high carbon steel construction, ensure it maintains an exceptional edge. Both Izzy and I interchanged between Morris of Dunsford and Bulldog billhooks throughout the day, and found this billhook to have the best weight behind it for the job. 

Ever since the closure of Morris of Dunsford, there’s been a noticeable gap in the market for high-quality, reliable British-made billhooks. Billhooks for coppicing and traditional woodland craft is an endangered tool, if our craft is to survive and thrive we need good quality durable tools for key tasks. Whilst only small, we’re thrilled to be able to do our part in developing and testing these tools and bringing them to the market for more people to enjoy and use.

Available now at 

#woodsmith #coppice #hazelcoppice #billhook #hedgelaying
From offcuts to outdoor essentials. Repurposed oak offcuts from the Woodsmith workshop have found new life as fire steels.

Available on the website for any of you braving the outdoors this weekend and in need of some 🔥

#woodsmith #handmade #craftsman #woodworker #firesteel
Sheaths matter more than you might think.

Sure, they might not be the main show like the axe itself, and they might not last as long, but a well made sheath is crucial for keeping your tool in great condition.

A quality sheath will see you through a good chunk of your axe’s life. That's why with every Hans Karlsson Slöjd Axe from Woodsmith, you get a sheath that’s (almost) as solid as the tool it protects. 

Our sheaths are made by a local leathersmith just around the corner from us in the North East of England. Each one is hand-finished by us, ensuring a snug fit and a look that just feels right – simple, functional, aesthetic, and built to last.

We take our time with these because we’re not in the business of rushing to get things out the door and foregoing quality. We understand you’re not just buying a tool; you’re picking up a companion for years to come. And we like make sure everything, sheath included, is up for the journey.

#woodsmith #carvingaxe #axesheath #slojd #hanskarlsson
2023 was a milestone year for us here at Woodsmith. 

Whilst all years inevitably have their ebbs and flows, we’re going into 2024 with a huge amount of gratitude. Grateful for everyone who chooses to support our small family business and shares our passion for the world’s finest hand tools. 

It also marks the year I (Izzy) officially joined Woodsmith. I was 8 years old when I was handed my first carving knife in Norway, and it feels very cool 22 years later to be circling back on my own terms to join the family business. 

There's a wealth of knowledge still to gain from my dad, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to wake up every day excited to learn and work.

We're so appreciative of all of you for being part of our journey, and we wish you a fantastic start to 2024.

To lifelong learning & logs,
Team Woodsmith
It took us a short while, but we’re excited to share that Emmet Van Dreische's Greenwood Spoon Carving is now available at Woodsmith.

Emmet's book is a wealth of knowledge, filled with practical advice and vibrant pictures. It's perfect for both beginners and those with a few spoons already under their belt. Practical, honest, and incredibly useful, it's a must-have for any spoon carver.

Thank you, @emmet_van_driesche , for providing us with such a wonderful and generous resource – and also to the fantastic family-run publishing house at Mortise and Tenon for republishing it. 

Plus, keep your eyes peeled – we'll be bringing more Mortise and Tenon publications to Woodsmith soon!

#greenwoodspooncarving #spooncarving #woodworkingbooks #slöjd
Fjellgården i høst 🍂🍁

These colder nights are taking us back to the final days of sunny autumn spent exploring the farms and hytte nestled in the mountains of Eastern Norway ⛰️ always an axe to be found!

In other exciting news, we’re expecting a new shipment of Hans Karlsson adzes, carving axes, twca cam carving hooks and a few more gouges landing in Woodsmith HQ this week, or the latest early next week. 

Sign up to our newsletter to be kept up to date when they arrive (link in bio) 🪓☺️

#woodsmith #handtools #slojd #fjellgård #woodcarving #woodworking #carvingaxe

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