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I’d just like to say thank you to Maurice for getting the Wetterlings hatchet to me so quickly, the new sheath that was made is gorgeous and the hatchet is absolutely beautiful, so much so I’ve just finished with a stack of kindling and it cuts like a dream!

Thanks again, I didn’t know where to write a review so I thought I would just email you guys directly. Definitely, a pleased customer and I won’t hesitate to order from you again.


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Fjellgården i høst 🍂🍁

These colder nights are taking us back to the final days of sunny autumn spent exploring the farms and hytte nestled in the mountains of Eastern Norway ⛰️ always an axe to be found!

In other exciting news, we’re expecting a new shipment of Hans Karlsson adzes, carving axes, twca cam carving hooks and a few more gouges landing in Woodsmith HQ this week, or the latest early next week. 

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#woodsmith #handtools #slojd #fjellgård #woodcarving #woodworking #carvingaxe
Throwback to a few weekends ago, with Maurice and Izzy working overtime in our Confido pop up woodland workshop to get as many rounders bats finished as possible for 1200 budding green woodworking scouts! 🌳

Izzy learnt the basics of axing, using a drawknife and pole lathe turning safely at a similar age - so it’s really great to come full circle and pass on these important skills to a new younger generation!

Tools pictured: Ashley Iles 1 1/2” x 7 Straight Carving Gouge, Ashley Iles 2” Alongee Gouge, Gränsfors Bruk Wildlife Hatchet, Ray Iles Large Drawknife. 

#greenwoodworking #handtools #polelathe #shavehorse
Back from an unintentional hiatus to post a few pictures from a few weeks back from the wonderful Silverdale, where we were kindly invited to attend the @nationalcoppicefederation AGM & Weekend Gathering 🍃

Featuring (in order): a selection of hand woven baskets by @lornaweavesoak ; Twiggy and @shannon.berry.nature at work in the woods; pimps by Alan Waters and some nice light on some important literature.

In other news, we’ve just received a small shipment of Hans Karlsson which is now live on the site. A mix of spoon knives, Slöjd knives, bent carving gouges, minigouges and inshaves are up. Plus, keep your eyes peeled for more gouges and adzes, which we’re hoping are currently making their way across the North Sea!

#coppice #handcraft #slöjd #craft #woodland #woodlandcraft #greenwoodworking #hanskarlsson
The Old School House in Øversjødalen 📚 

Since moving to the valley in 2007, we’ve been enamored by this charming, rundown wooden building with a turf roof, locally known as the original old school. Roughly the size of a small cottage, but essentially just one large room, it once housed a small class of children. Not pictured, but also accompanied by a unique communal compost toilet with separate sides for boys and girls. 

Believed to be constructed from logs 200 years ago, it was abandoned decades back in favour of a new, larger school. Over time, it faced the threat of complete disintegration. Thankfully, a generous grant allowed the current owner to ensure its preservation.

A renowned local log-building company @tradhandverk undertook the restoration, fortifying it with new logs, roof, and floor, refurbished windows, and a fresh coat of paint. Now, the building stands resilient, even if it lacks water or electricity. While it might be enhanced with historically accurate furnishings in the future, the primary joy lies in knowing it’s secured for at least another 50 years! 

#logbuilding #handtools #slöjd #oldbuildings #handtools #timmerhus
A few of the many faces (doors) of Røros 🚪

We always love to wander around Røros, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its centuries-old copper mines and remarkably preserved wooden buildings, many of which date back to the 1700s and 1800s!

#røros #hedmark #norge
Gränsfors Bruk Small Forest Axe handle and sheath to the rescue of this Norwegian Øyo axe head. A perfect combination 🪓

#øyoøks #axe #axejunkies #øks #axes #yx #gransforsbruk #axerestoration
Today, we came across some beautiful reconstructed examples of shelters in Nord Østerdal once used by forestry workers and charcoal burners supplying the copper smelting houses around Røros from the 17th to 20th centuries.

Simple timber shelters, known as «Ljørbuer», featured a central brick platform for a hearth, lighting the space and providing warmth. The open roof hole, or 'ljorn,' allowed heat to escape (and sometimes smoke to reenter). I absolutely love the aesthetic of this roundwood build. 

Most common for the charcoal burners watching the kiln were these «jordkoier» earthen huts. These seemingly primitive structures were built against a frame of thin tree trunks, either cone or boat-shaped. Exteriors were insulated with fir bark or knots and layered with peat soil. Inside, there was often a small fireplace and simple seating, with a wooden plank for a door. 

#charcoalburning #nordøsterdalen #ljørbua #jordkoie #norsknatur #logbuilding #kølbrenning
Couldn’t quite recall what tools I had in my Norwegian tool basket. You could say I was rather pleased with what awaited me!

Svante Djärv Big Spoon Knife (Left and Right), Kalthoff Small Carver, and Mora 120.

All available at

#spooncarving #slöjd
@hjerleid Handverksskole in Dovre, Norway was on our motorcycle route north this summer - and we never willingly miss an opportunity to stop by!

Our schedule had us passing Dovre on a Saturday, so the school was unfortunately closed. Nevertheless, we were able to get up close to some recently constructed log buildings built by the school students.

We’ve always been great admirers of the work and ethos of Hjerleid, and their commitment to the preservation and active promotion of traditional crafts. Having visited many times in the past, it was awesome to see this institution, steeped in history and offering vital, practical education in Norway for over 130 years, still thriving. Here’s to another 130 years and beyond.

#hjerleid #norskhåndverk #logbuilding #craft

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