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Ray Iles

Ray Iles is the eldest son of Ashley Iles (of edge tools fame). Ashley Iles and Ray were trained in the individual trades of toolmaking (forging, grinding, handle making, etc.) by the little mesters of Sheffield in the 1950’s. Secrets that had been jealously guarded for generations were freely passed on to prevent them from being lost forever.

The Ashley Iles family and business moved to Lincolnshire where they have perpetuated toolmaking in the old tradition ever since.

Ray set up his own business about 30 years ago and now produces a range of exceptional greenwoodworking tools. His tools perfectly complement those produced by his brother Tony at Ashley Iles (Edge Tools)

We carry a selection of the more commonly used greenwood tools produced by Ray Iles.

Most tools come with a factory grind and will need a final hone before use.