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Sjöbergs Work Benches

Sjöbergs Workbenches are the market leaders in the development, manufacture and marketing of carpentry benches and cabinets for wood and metal handicraft workshops. 

Producing a range of carpentry benches for both professional and DIY use. The company priorities quality, durability and sustainability. All of their products are made in a state or art factory in Stockaryd, Sweden. Made in Sweden means there is full control over the manufacturing process

“Quality and durability are Sjobergs watchwords, proudly offering a 10-year warranty on many of their products. Sjöbergs is ISO certified in terms of quality and the environment. All products are made from FSC labelled material.”

A Sjöbergs workbench can bring order to any creative space, and part of the overall order in any well-organized workshop. If you’re looking for even better organization and a freer workspace, you can combine the workbench with a smart storage module.

For a professional craftsman, each and every detail is important, and virtually every single step calls for precision. A workstation needs to work really well so you can maintain focus and achieve high quality. That’s why Sjöbergs exists.

Sjobergs workbenches are built to last a lifetime. You should never need to replace one – and after using one, you’ll never want to. The professional benches are for real connoisseurs, people who value quality and spend many hours a day in the creative trades

And even if you’re not a professional craftsman or carpenter, a Sjöbergs professional workbench is always at home and never out of place. It not only looks great and conveys a sense of professionalism, it also gives you a stable work surface for projects of any size.

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