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Gransfors Bruk

Swedish company Gransfors Bruk is a major international brand, renowned and respected for making some of the best axes and other tools such as froes and splitting wedges, in the world. Their axes have been traditionally hand-forged for more than a century. 

They have a particular interest in axe production that has the least impact on the environment.


Each axe has the initials of the person who forged it stamped into the head, although it has to be said the making of an axe at Gransfors Bruk is a team effort. Each part of the process, from forging, grinding, hardening and tempering to fitting of a beautiful Swedish made hickory handle, is carefully undertaken by a small team of committed craftsmen and women.

Each axe comes with a 20-year warranty against forging defects and the famous Gransfors Bruk Axe Book.

WOODSMITH has been an official dealer of the world's most respected axe brand for more than 15 years.

Not only do we stock almost the entire range of Gransfors Bruk axes and other tools but also replacement handles, sheaths and accessories.
We can expertly sharpen | restore | repair your Gransfors Bruk axe (or any other axe) in our dedicated workshop.
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