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Gransfors Bruk LARGE CARVING AXEGransfors Bruk Large Carving AxeGransfors Bruk LARGE CARVING AXEGransfors Bruk Large Carving AxeGransfors Bruk Large Carving AxeGransfors Bruk Large Carving AxeGransfors Bruk Large Carving Axe
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Gransfors Bruk

Gransfors Bruk Large Carving Axe

SKU: GB/475
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Product Reviews

I’ve had my eye one one of these for a long time, wish I’d bought it originally, they’ve increased in price a lot since I first ogled it! The head itself is excellent, the grinds are even, the edge only needed a light stropping with compound to bring it to shaving sharp standard. I was less impressed with the handle. It was nowhere near as nicely finished as the one on my small forest axe, neither as well finished as the one on my £50 Robin Cook’s carving axe, both of which have that dimpled effect. I actually got a deep splinter off the Gransfors one- the way they’ve done it has left the grain open and exposed in little splinters. I’ve lightly sanded it to keep the dimples but to make the handle a bit safer although there are still feathery splinters that are going to catch the dirt and make it rather grubby after some time. Not impressed at all, it’s nothing like the finish you can see on the web image. Really, on reflection, maybe I should have sent it back, but I suspect they will be much of a muchness? Anyway, that’s cosmetic, something I can, but shouldn’t have to fix. I’ve also trimmed the top of the handle to take off the sharp corners, sanded the end grain smooth and given the whole thing a wipe down with some boiled linseed. Performance wise, it feels great and does a great job, I went for the double sided grind after a lot of consideration of what I’ll be using it for. It is heavy but it complements the Robin Cook’s carver perfectly, at some stage I may replace the Robin Cook with the Kalthoff, which, I think, is a similar weight.