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We are proud retailers of Sweden's leading premium axe brands, including Gransfors Bruk, Hultafors, Hans Karlsson and Svante Djarv. Additionally, we stock a select range of more affordable options, such as Bahco axes, for those who are not quite yet ready to commit to the investment of a handmade axe.

Our collection of handcrafted and durable axes are perfect for a variety of uses, such as splitting, carving, forestry, bushcraft and even throwing. At Woodsmith, we pride ourselves on offering the widest selection of dedicated carving axes available in the UK, and our expert technical knowledge is backed by years of practical experience.

We understand that purchasing a high-quality, handcrafted axe is an investment for life, and we are dedicated to helping you maintain it. Our team is here to help you select the right axe for your specific needs, and we are happy to provide ongoing support to ensure that your axe remains in optimal working condition.

For those who are new to woodcraft, for example spoon carving, we recognise that investing several hundred pounds in a dedicated handcrafted axe may not be feasible. As such, we offer a range of beginner axes to help you get started on your carving journey. Once you've developed a passion for the craft, we're here to help you upgrade to something higher-quality that will last a lifetime.

At Woodsmith, we have invested in large stocks of replacement handles and sheaths for the axes we supply. Our goal is to ensure that your investment lasts a lifetime, but if an unfortunate accident should occur, we offer a quick and convenient restoration service with genuine spare parts and custom sheaths. We also offer a range of products to help you maintain your axe in perfect condition, including leather wax and linseed oil.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your axe restoration project.

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