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Debarking Spades and Peelers

Debarking Spades and Peelers almost don't need an explanation, however. I'm going to give one.

Here are a few reasons why it is better to remove the bark from felled stems.

If the main stem of a tree is put through a bandsaw or chainsaw mill, the bark will contain a lot of grit and sand which will dull the saws blade much quicker than if the bark is removed.  

If a felled stem is split and riven, into fencing rails for example, it is a lot harder to read where the split is going with the bark on.

If bark is retained on any timber product, it will not be as durable or long-lived because water will not run-off as quickly and dampness will induce early rotting.

Wood boring weevils love making home under the bark, again reducing the lifespan of the timber product especially if used outside.

These specialist tools, also known as peelers, barking irons, debarking spuds or debarking spades have evolved as forged tools made by a local blacksmiths over the centuries so many names and versions have emerged.

Thankfully, there is still a need for such tools and several manufacturers consider then valuable to have in their catalogues

Remember, if bark is removed when the sap is rising April to July, the bark will come off with extreme ease; if performed during the winter season, it will feel like it's super glued on.

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