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A drawknife is a very traditional tool, used with two hands so the work piece needs to be securely held by some form of vice.

Also known as a drawing knife, draw shave or shaving knife.

In greenwoodworking, drawknives are typically used in conjunction with a shavehorse which is a quick-release holding device that you sit on, leaving both hand free to use the drawknife, drawing it towards you.

Not so long ago they were quite difficult to find but since the revival of interest in working with greenwood, there are now quite a few manufacturers making them.

Drawknives are a satisfying tool to use, good ones are capable of removing lots of stock quickly or slowly removing small amounts to create an accurately sized tenon for example.

There are several types and variations which work in slightly different ways.
At WOODSMITH, we like to think we are the best people anywhere to talk to about drawknives. Not only do we have extensive knowledge of how they work technically and broad experience of using them but we also stock the best range of drawknives in the world from makers such as Ray Iles, Svante Djarv, Oxhead and Hans Karlsson.  Gransfors Bruk make their Swedish Drawknife, a large tool designed for working with logs in building projects so not a tool for working greenwood in general.

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