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Spoon Knives

Spoon knives usually have a very specific job to do, that is to hollow out the bowl of a wooden spoon.

Single edged spoon knives are described as either Right or Left ground  This does not normally refer to a users dominant hand rather than whether it is used towards you or away from you. For example a Right-ground knife will be used by a Right-handed carver towards themselves, a Left-ground knife will be used by a Right-handed carver away from themselves.  The opposite applies for Left-handed carvers.

The main point to consider here is that regardless of your dominant hand, you should ideally have both Right and Left grind knives.

There are spoon knives that have both Right and Left grinds on the same knife, known as double-sided spoon knives, such as the Morakniv 162 and Morakniv 163. The one major downside of double-sided spoon knives is that with certain grasps, it easier to accidently cut yourself.

The other consideration when considering spoon knives is the curve, some are shallow and some more tightly bent. To have curve options is good to accommodate spoon bowls of different shapes and sizes. 

Here we have the full range of spoon knives from Swedish makers Morakniv and independent makers Svante Djarv and Hans Karlsson 
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