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Splitting Axes and Wedges

Its quite common for old large English felling axes to be used for firewood splitting, and while they may have an appropriately long handle and weight to split logs, the down side is they will stick more often and because the axe head is quite slim, the handle will be vulnerable to damage just below the head.

The most efficient tool is a dedicated splitting axe, designed for the job. 

Typically splitting axes are heavy with wide heads and in the case of Gransfors Bruk, a special steel collar below the head to prevent damage to the handle.

An axe designed specifically for the job of splitting logs will result in more satisfying work, split more logs first time and the axe will stick far less.

Whilst Splitting Axes are not a cutting tool as such, it is still highly recommended to keep them very sharp.  This will ensure the axes' edge gets started in the end grain quickly and result in a more productive, less frustrating log splitting session.