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Splitting Axes and Wedges

While it might be tempting to use traditional, hefty English felling axes for splitting firewood due to their length and weight, they're not ideal for the task. Such axes often stick in the wood and their slender heads can put the handle at risk, especially near the head.

For effective firewood splitting, a dedicated splitting axe is recommended. These axes are characteristically heavy with broad heads, and many have a protective steel collar beneath the head to shield the handle. Our collection of splitting axes and wedges showcases high quality Swedish brands like Gränsfors Bruk, Hultafors, and Bahco. To find the perfect Gränsfors Bruk axe for your needs, visit our YouTube Channel for our detailed guide.

Choosing an axe specifically tailored for splitting ensures efficient work, yielding more split logs with fewer attempts and less sticking. Although not primarily cutting tools, keeping splitting axes sharp is crucial for quick penetration into the wood's end grain, guaranteeing a rewarding and hassle-free splitting session. For sharpening, both Gränsfors Bruk and Hultafors offer dedicated stones.

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