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Kalthoff Axes

Kalthoff Axes is a young Swedish company that makes the Kalthoff Small Carving Axe. An axe designed to perform impeccably in every respect of carving and, to last a lifetime. 

Currently, there is just one axe in the range but there will be more models to follow.

The Kalthoff Small Carving Axe was created through extensive research and practical testing, and only when it passed all design criteria was it finally put into production. 

Making an axe starts with what an axe is to be used for, prototypes were first made in wood and then forged in metal. 

CEO Julia Kalthoff personally uses axes a lot, enlisting the help of professional carvers to thoroughly and continuously test them.

The axe includes only features that really adds to its function and durability.

Made in small batches in cooperation with carefully selected suppliers around the world. WOODSMITH is the UK stockist

We stock not only the Kalthoff Small Carving Axe, but also spares including handles and sheaths and a beautiful sharpening stone in a leather case.

Every component of their axes is made in Sweden.

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