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Forestry Belts

When you are working in the woods, belts have an important role to play (apart from holding your pants up!).  They are a great place to hang tools and kit that you might need to get your hands on quickly, for example you may want to fit a billhook belt sheath or a tongs sheath.

Some saws from the Silky range of pruning saws such as the Gomtaro, feature belt loops that ensure you always have your favourite saw immediately to hand.

Hanging a work knife from your belt is a bit contentious, but acceptable if you are in your own workshop or woodland.

The Ochsenkopf Professional Forestry Belt has been in our catalogue for several years and is firm favourite especially if you move logs around.

The Casstrom Swedish Forest Belt is something special of the very best quality with several features not often seen. Appropriately simple in construction built to last in tough conditions being saddle stitched and featuring many holes to permit using on the outside of jackets if required.  Ideal for leather danglers, knife sheaths, secateurs sheaths, billhook sheaths and pouches.

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