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Carving Gouges

The Carving Gouges in this section tend to be on the large side. Our selection criteria for stocking is mainly the craft subjects of Bowl Carving, Kuksa Carving and to a lesser extent Spoon Carving.

There are three main types of gouges here: Straight Gouges, Bent (or Curved) Gouges and Dogleg Gouges. These come in a range of cutting edge sizes and sweeps.

Most gouges are expressed with two numbers, the first is usually the approx. length of the cutting edge from corner to corner. The second is the sweep, from a shallow ‘U’ shape to a deep ‘U’ shape.

Our preferred makers are Hans Karlsson, Ashley Iles and Svante Djarv.

If a gouge is ‘double-hooped’ these are normally the most robust designed to undertake the most arduous work.

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