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Children's Carving Knives

There are several features that are normally present in a knife designed specifically for children: -

1) a blunted tip - a rounded 'safe' end to the blade that is normally pointed in an adult knife.

2) either one or two finger guards. Under normal circumstances, especially when carving, fingers guards are not desirable, in as much that they get in the way.  However, for younger inexperienced hands that is low priority but reducing the likelihood of finger/s slipping onto the cutting edge is high priority so a feature well worth having.

    Two of our favourite large scale production makers, Morakniv and Opinel make knives specially for young inexperienced hands. Apart from the obvious and essential function of reducing the likelihood of an accident, the other main functions of a first knife are to inspire, encourage good safe practice whist all-important knife etiquette is learnt.  Models from both these brands facilitate that perfectly. 

    We have to come clean and admit that we favour the models offered as a 'first knife' from Morakniv of Sweden for several reasons; firstly because their knives feature simple flat bevels which are the preferred format for control when carving. Secondly, they are a fixed blade knife that can't accidently fold onto the fingers. They also come with a well designed sheath.

    For something a little more special (handmade), have a look at the Svante Djarv Children's Carving Knife. A lovely small bladed/small handled tool with the option of a blunted tip and a finger 'bulge' built into the elm handle. 

    During our regular trips to Norway, we occasionally call into the Brusletto Knife Works in Geilo. They make many styles of knives but mainly outdoor knives with stainless steel blades, but there is one special exception suitable as a carving knife for older children, the Brusletto Spikkekniven. Suitable for older children with some experience of carving with a knife as there is no blunted tip or finger guards but it has a slightly smaller handle and blade. The blade is made from great quality carbon steel so will take and hold a great edge. Comes with a simple but very pleasing black leather belt sheath with a plastic liner.
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