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Thomas Flinn and Co

Thomas Flinn and Co have been manufacturing premium quality handsaws and Clifton Hand planes for 100 years in Sheffield, England.

Sheffield is a city proudly steeped in a rich industrial history, becoming famous for steel, cutlery and products with a cutting edge. The Made in Sheffield brand is synonymous with quality products. This is still true today.

The Thomas Flinn family have been producing saws and hand tools in their Sheffield factories since 1923. Their craftsman produce an extensive range of saws under famous traditional brands that have origins in the 18th century. 

Famous brands include the PAX brand, Lynx Saws (Garlick Saw Company) and Roberts & Lee Dorchester Saws. They also manufacture Clifton hand planes which includes a wide range of premium quality bench planes, shoulder planes and spokeshaves. 

They are now the last remaining traditional saw and hand plane manufacturer in the UK.


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