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Eydon Kettle Company

The Eydon Kettle Company are the makers of the Storm range of outdoor kettles

From the dinky 1 pint (almost) DS Storm Kettle to the 2 1/2 pint ORIGINAL Storm Kettle

History of The STORM™ Kettle

Before cheap flights and growth of good transport links, the western part of Ireland was particularly remote, and the winter nights must have seemed very long. In order to while away the evenings some of the Irish crofters used to craft a simple water boiler in copper using hand tools - for fisherman, itinerant workers and tourists. This proved to be highly effective and efficient.

John Grindlay, who with his wife owns and runs the Eydon Kettle Company, modified the design and implemented modern manufacturing techniques in the early 1970's. So, the heritage and satisfaction with the STORM™ Kettle continues. All STORM™ Kettles are carefully made in the UK

Nowadays, STORM Kettles can be found far as the Solomon Islands, helping remote islanders boil water to purify it, to the woods of Northumberland helping a WOODSMITH charcoal burner satisfy his need for many cups of tea. In remote parts of southern Africa, Storm Kettles are used where dried cattle dung is used by the Zulus as fuel and in the Sahara Desert on expeditions.

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