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Unashamedly, most of the knives we stock are carving focused. However, we lament a time when it was accepted practice to carry a general-duty knife on the belt because knives are of course universally useful everyday tools. So for this reason, we also offer a range of carefully selected durable knives that are designed for general duties, knives such as the Morakniv Companion Carbon and the Brusletto Bruslettokniven.

Maybe in the UK, a time when it was acceptable or legal to carry a knife as a tool on your belt past several centuries ago, but in Sweden/Norway, especially in farming communities, most people even to this day, carry a red handled Mora knife, similar to the Morakniv Classic No 2. This is a knife still made to this day.

Morakniv of Sweden are a go-to brand, although factory made typically by robots, but of exceptional quality and regardless of whether you are just starting out on your carving journey or have many years experience they will perform exceptionally well to give great results.

However, eventually most carvers aspire to using hand-made carving knives. Around the world there are many independent knife makers to choose from, we have teamed up with some of Sweden's very best makers:  Hans Karlsson Klensmide, Svante Djarv Hantverk and Kay Embretsen. All makers with worldwide reputations.

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