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Hans Karlsson

Swedish company Hans Karlsson Klensmide AB are makers of exceptional hand tools. Woodworkers around the world appreciate their work; exceptionally well designed tools made to the highest specification. They use the very best raw materials and take the time make sure each tool is finished to a high standard.

As a small family business, their production capacity is limited but quality is never comprised to increase output. This makes their tools some of the most desired in the world.

In the Hans Karlsson workshop in Motala, Sweden, which used to be a butcher’s factory, there is now a forge with two hearths, a wood shop for handle making and a fully equipped machine shop. There also a “fitting room” where most of the companies 800 tools can be seen and tested.

At WOODSMITH we share a common interest with the Karlsson’s in using durable tools that perform exceptionally well and are a joy to the eye.

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