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Wrecking Bars

Just one Swedish brand to choose from here, but that one brand Svedbro Smide must be considered the very best made wrecking bar anywhere in the world. Certainly not the cheapest but very definitely the best.

Svedbro Smide, specialize mainly in the making of one fundamental tool, namely the Wrecking bar. Whether you are a craftsman or renovating your home, you will need a wrecking bar. Despite most people's perception of the tool, the Svedbro Smide wrecking bar is a tool capable of great precision and delicacy due to it's hand forged manufacturing process.

Their wrecking bars are hand-forged in Gnarp, northern Hälsingland. With function and quality as its focus, they are available in five carefully selected sizes, based on area of use, purpose and functionality.


All Svedbro Smide's wrecking bars are quality checked before they leave the factory so that they are absolutely sure that there are no faults. All Svedbro Smide’s wrecking bar have a guarantee of 20 years.

Svedbro Smide is part of a small family-owned group which has three sister companies: Woolpower, Gransfors Bruk and Wetterlings.

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