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Measuring and Marking

No matter which form of woodwork or woodcraft you practise or aspire to, there will be some form of marking and measuring required, so this section is absolutely essential.

We are very drawn to Swedish company Hultafors for some of our measuring rules and tapes. The company pretty much invented the folding wooden rule. In our many trips to Norway and Sweden we noticed no self-respecting tradesman would be without a tommerstok (or tumstock), a folding rule that sits permanently in a pocket of his work pants.  A folding rule does not replace a retracting tape, but for most measurements under 2 meters they are so much better. We have used the Hultafors yellow fiberglass folding rules for more than 15 years and find them to be durable and light and just so much more convenient than a conventional tape. Coloured yellow with very clear to read scales in metric and imperial, they are temperature and moisture stable.

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