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Craft Aprons

A tough, well made apron is of course going to give some protection to your everyday clothes and even slow down the travel of an edge tool such as a knife, if it has an unplanned trajectory!

However, there is also a theory that once you don your lovely protective apron, it gives a special mindset where you can focus on the creative job in front of you, maybe an alternative creative alter ego emerges where you can be totally immersed in your craft. Just a thought!

In this section we have aprons made from either leather or canvas.  Both are super durable, both with different pros and cons.

Our Leather Craft Aprons are great for allowing wood chip to slide off and give you extra reassurance to ward off a wayward blade. Available in four colours and two sizes.

The Canvas Craft Aprons are lined so feel very comfortable to wear and offer good levels of protection. Available in a range of five colours: light brown, dark brown, grey, black and charcoal. One size but a wide range of adjustment.
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