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Ray Iles SCORP
Ray Iles SCORPRay Iles Scorp / InshaveRay Iles Scorp / InshaveRay Iles Scorp / Inshave
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Ray Iles

Ray Iles Scorp / Inshave

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Product Reviews

I've purchased and use both the Hans Karlsson scorp/inshave and the Ray Iles scorp/inshave. I love them both, and I'll say there's a reason why I switch back and forth rather than just using one of them. This scorp easily competes with the HK scorp, and makes my life easier. The grips may not be "fancy," but boy do they feel good in the hands. The metal holds an edge extremely well, even in hard wood working. I'm so glad I purchased this, and if you really want a scorp that is absolutely the highest quality, but typical English no-frills craftsmanship on the parts that "don't matter," I will 100% guarantee you won't go wrong with this scorp. Its bevel angles are perfect for chair use, and it holds an edge well, and honestly is a darn good looking tool that works well. This not only makes a wonderful first scorp, it will EASILY serve as the only scorp you'll ever need. You will not be disappointed with this wonderfully functional tool made by Ray Iles. So glad Izzy and folks carry this item at Woodsmith. I had it shipped all the way across the pond to the States, and don't regret it one bit. One of my most used tools in chairmaking still.
Luke S