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Morris of Dunsford

Edge tool making has been an industry at the Morris of Dunsford (a Devon village on the very edge of Dartmoor) works for more than 100 years. Edge tools have been produced from their once water powered forge and workshop by several generations of the family.

Despite a lack of overall finish, including a bit of roughness to the handles and the cutting edge, their billhooks are better than anything else on the market. This is due to the use of properly forged EN9 steel which allows the taking and keeping of a fine edge with long gentle bevels without shoulders.

Straight from the forge the blade is left slightly unfinished, requiring further shaping and honing to suit the users needs.

Fortunately, the WOODSMITH workshop is able to expertly prepare the edge of these tools so they are sharp and ready for work. We also make custom leather blade sheaths for every Morris billhook and slasher pattern.

All Morris of Dunsford edge tools have full tanged ash handles.

Alas in the summer of 2022 Richard Morris decided to retire, so the stock we have now is the last. All remaining stock will be supplied sharpened and with a leather sheath.

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