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Wetterlings has been making axes since the end of the nineteenth century.

Wetterlings is an axe forge in Storvik, located in the middle of Sweden. On the same site, they have been making tools for over a hundred years.

The serious production of Wetterlings branded axes ceased a few years ago, however, a small number of models are still being made but only available from the Factory Shop.

Today, the power hammers are still operating but used to make a number of axe models for sister company Gransfors Bruk. The on-site handle making workshop closed it doors for good.

As one of the oldest traditional axe manufacturing factories in Sweden, and probably the world, the loyalty and commitment of the small number of staff is still very much in evidence. Hopefully, their indigenous knowledge will continue to live on.

You cannot really own antique axe forges – they belong to the common industrial history – but you can take on the responsibility for preserving them and for transferring the knowledge created by previous generations. Hopefully it will survive its keepers.

Wetterlings are attempting to manage the inherited knowledge but at the same time assimilating new ideas that may take them to the cutting edge of current technology, environmental responsibility and functionality.

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