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The Charcoal Burning Season has begun!

Kiln sales are well underway here at Woodsmith with more than 20 sold this year already!  Woodland management work mostly comes to an end in April so it's time to start converting the low value small stuff that's been felled into black gold.  With Easter and early barbecuing season just round the corner, its a great time to get charcoal burning production underway!

Increasingly, making charcoal is seen as a resourceful way of adding value to small diameter low value woodland timber.  Landowners, private owners of small woodlands, trusts, conservations groups and land management organisations buy our ring kilns not only for this reason but also for the potential to earn income and enjoy productive time in the woods. Often, in woodlands with difficult access, its a good idea to avoid moving low value timber and to convert it into a higher value product that is also lighter to move. It makes sense all round.

We have sold charcoal steel ring kilns as part of our business for almost 20 years, their appeal to groups and individuals grows year on year.  Lockdown saw a significant blip in interest whilst customers had time to review and assess their woodlands.

Our charcoal kilns are available in a range of sizes, starting from the MINI Kiln that produces around 20kgs per burn up to our big 8' commercial kilns with an average output of 250kgs.  Here at Woodsmith we can advise on how to set up your charcoal burning project, from advice on what size of kiln to opt for to the best species to use. Having had almost 15 years commercial experience making and selling charcoal as part of a national scheme, we are happy to give technical burn advice once you receive your kiln.

Kilns are shipped within mainland UK only. They are made to order by our fabrication partner in York and the lead-in time is usually around 6 weeks.

If you are curious about making charcoal we are very happy to answer any questions you may have.