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Shipping Packages at the Woodsmith's Store

Have you ever wondered what happens after you submit your Woodsmith online orders?

Here at Woodsmith, once your order comes in, we pick the items quickly, carefully checking them over before packing them up and getting them ready for handing over to the carrier.  

We're very environmentally conscious about our packing, so wherever possible we'll reuse materials that we've received ourselves from our suppliers.  We choose to use paper packing tape over the plastic stuff but we have to admit to the occasional use of plastic lay-flat tubing and stretch-wrap; with certain products sometimes it's necessary to provide extra protection from moisture and to keep knife sheaths in place during transit. When packing sharp edge tools, safety concerns has to take priority.

When we receive stock from some makers, like axes, they don't always come with dedicated cardboard packaging, so more typically we have to build custom boxes for most orders! 

We always hope that once our customers have extracted their tools from our parcels, that as much of the packing materials will be recycled again.

We ship to both the UK and around the world.