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Other Replacement Axe Handles

WOODSMITH stocks a huge range of replacement axe handles, for main Swedish axe brands such as Gransfors Bruk, Hultafors and smaller makers such as Svante Djarv, Kalthoff and Hans Karlsson.

For other axes from old English brands such as Brades, Elwell and Gilpin, we should be able to supply an appropriate replacement handle from the Fawn Foot Pattern Replacement Axe Handles range. They are available in sizes from 12" to 36"

For everything else there should be something in the Smedbergs Replacement Axe Handle range .

Hickory is the best species for an axe handle, it has the strength and the flexibility to survive what might be tough work. Occasionally, some makers make handles from ash or elm.

Every handle comes complete with a wooden wedge and a steel wedge. Usually, a handle comes with a kerf which is pre-cut, but not always, occasionally you will need to do this yourself.

So long as they are not abused, the head of an axe will rarely go wrong, but handles do snap, get attacked by woodworm or just fall pray to freak accidents.

Replacing a handle is an important job to get right but is within the ability of most people.

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