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Matt Whittaker

Matt Whittaker has been working with wood and steel for over twenty years, specialising in bowl making, blacksmithing, timber frame building, and band saw milling. His journey into the crafts of green wood and forge began with a simple appreciation for the minimal tools needed to create useful, everyday objects.

Matt operates a mobile sawmill at Abundant Earth, where he processes trees into planks and beams for various construction projects, including everything from small sheds to large barns. This work supports his green woodworking, which he has been practicing for twenty-five years, using a traditional foot-powered lathe.

In addition to woodworking, Matt is skilled in blacksmithing. Many of the tools he uses are crafted in his onsite forge, often made from recycled steel and using a hand-cranked, charcoal forge.

Matt is also dedicated to teaching, regularly hosting workshops for both children and adults at Abundant Earth. His classes emphasise practical skills and a deep appreciation for traditional craftsmanship.

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