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Morris Billhooks

Morris Billhooks have been producing edge tools for almost a century. They are the only UK producer of forged carbon steel billhooks and offering them in a range of regional styles. Because of the quality of the Sheffield steel used, they are able to take and hold a very fine edge with long bevels without shoulders.

Every Morris Billhook will require grinding and sharpening before they can be used. This will require more than just a light honing with a stone. Unless you have the powered machinery and expertise to do this work it is probably best to ask us to do this for you. We will expertly joint the cutting edge, grind the bevels so they are long and gently convex without shoulders then work our way through a range of grits and then finally polish.

Don’t forget we make custom leather sheaths for each of the regional styles Morris produce to make sure the tool is safe in transit and won’t accidently get damaged.
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