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Brusletto of Norway Knives

Norwegian knife makers Brusletto have a proud history that stretches back to when Rognald Brusletto established the knife and scythe company Brusletto in 1896. 

It was an innovative company that adopted new technology, an ethos that continues to this day. Their story involves many highlights along the way, including the Olympic knife in 1952, the introduction of the Brusletto Hunter knife in 1961 and not least the Olympic knife from the all-time Winter Olympics in Lillehammer in 1994.

Brusletto represents a long craftsmanship tradition, development and quality through 125 years of production. Their products are made to last and have a lifetime warranty on products manufactured at their factory in Geilo.  Brusletto believe that sharp friends accompany you for life and you can trust that their products are of a high quality that are made to last.

Here at WOODSMITH, we have a preference for carbon blades which will take and keep a fantastic edge, despite the extra care needed to keep them dry to prevent rusting. So, with this in mind we stock the well-known and respected Spikkekniven, a small carving knife with a 65mm carbon blade and a nicely shaped birch handle. We'll also stock this knife as a 'blade only' option for those who can fit their own handle.

Also, we have the Bruslettokniven, a great all-round outdoor knife made from stainless steel and a 3 1/2" blade. Comes with a beautiful leather sheath which has a belt loop.

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