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Here at WOODSMITH, we have to confess to liking traditional, handmade baskets, useful durable baskets made from home-grown coppice material.

In the UK there is a growing community of talented basket maker using willow, oak, hazel and ash.

Our selection includes willow baskets made by the very talented Phil Bradley of north Cumbria, where he grows his own specialist basket willows and other varieties for sculptural pieces. He is also a skilled all-round greenwoodworker.

We also stock very special oak swill baskets made by Owen Jones MBE.  He is the epitome of a totally sustainable craft, he harvests his own coppice oak and hazel from woodlands near to where he lives in south Cumbria.

Baskets are such universally useful containers and they just look great.  Typically they may get used for carrying and storing firewood but our own baskets get used for tool storage in the workshop and in the office (with a liner) for office debris.

Other much cheaper baskets are available elsewhere but they will have been made quickly using simple weaves which means they will not have the rigidity or the longevity.  We know exactly where our baskets come from and that they been made to exacting standards so they will last for many years of active service

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