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Quality & tradition - Original LOWE since 1923

German company, Original Lowe manufactures and distributes secateurs and loppers worldwide under the Original LOWE brand. Their cutters are tools for professionals in the vine industry, fruit growing and horticulture as well as for the widest possible range of applications in industry and trade.

From a WOODSMITH perspective, we think they are durable tools of the highest quality for harvesting small rods such as willow and hazel. Secateurs and loppers are also indispensable tools when making wattle hurdles, screens, baskets, sculptures and indeed anything made from coppice material. The coppicing industry can be brutal on tools so choosing high quality is essential if you want them to last.

As early as 1923, company founder Walther Schröder made his pioneering invention; he developed and registered the patent for the world's first anvil cutter. This cutter is still part of our range today, in practically the same form, and its name "LOWE 1" obviously marks it out as an excellent hand tool. A drawing cut against a fixed base plate – the anvil principle – can be found in many Lowe models.

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